Jungle Safari

What and Where is Bardia?
Wilderness and Wilderness in the relatively unexplored deep jungles of far western Nepal where wildlife is more that abundant. Remote, Challenging and offering unique adventure for wildlife and nature lovers.The Royal Bardia National Park was initially a Royal hunting reserve. It was in 1976 that it was gazetted as Royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve with an area of only 368 sq. KM in 1982, It was renamed as Royal Bardia Wildlife Reserve Which also included the Babai River Valley. It was only in 1988 that is was granted a status of National Park in order to preserve the dwindling species of rare ecosystem, including flora and fauna, particularly the tiger and its other prey species. 

This park is the largest and most undisturbed wilderness area in the terai p[providing excellent habitat for most of the endangered species of wildlife and birds. The park now covers an area of 968 sq. KM. It was only 1994 basic facilities existed for independent visitors. It has extensive and varied wildlife-all endangered rhinoceros, Wild elephants, The Royal Bengal Tiger, Swamp deer, Black buck, Gharial Crocodile, Gangetic Dolphins.

More than thirty different mammals, over 400 species of birds, many snakes, lizards , and fish have been sighted and recorded in the park's forest, grassland and river habitats. Among these include, Langur monkey, common leopard, Jungle cat, fishing at, large and small Indian civets, mongoose, hyena, wild dog, jackal. sloth bear, otter, porcupine, bandicoots, blue bull (Nilgai), Sambar deer, hog deer, barking dear, wild boar etc. This park is one of the best place to view the most magnificent of cats, The Royal Bengal Tigers. The chance are almost 80% depending on season.

Activities Inside Bardia.
  • Nature walks, 
  • Bird watching, 
  • cycling tours to black buck area  isolated villages and surrounding farmlands,  
  • visit to the Karnali Bridge,
  • Elephant safaris,  
  • Jungle drive 
  • Tharu culture programme, 
  • Canoeing Trips  Rafting

Bardia Jungle Cottage offers the following package tours:
  • 2 nights 3 days 
  • 3 nights 4 days 
  • 4 nights 5 days
2 Nights 3 Days
    1st day
      • Pick up guest from arrival point (Amabasa Nepal)
      • On reaching BJC Welcome drinks and briefing about the programmes.
      • Breakfast
      • Visit to crocodile breeding center and tharu village.
      • Jungle drive whole day with packed lunch.
      • Dinner and overnight stay.
      2nd day
      • Wake up call followed by tea or coffee.
      • Breakfast.
      • Jungle Walk/Dugout canoe ride.
      • Elephant back safari.
      • Western Nepal tharu dance.
      • Overnight at lodge .
      3rd day
      • Wake up call followed by tea or coffee.
      • Breakfast
      • Departure From lodge.
      3 Night 4 Days
      • Same Itinerary for 1st and 2nd day.
      3rd day
        Royal Bengal Tiger.
      • Wake up call followed by tea or coffee.
      • Breakfast
      • Whole day jungle walk with packed lunch, Walk to Rhino's, Elephant's and Tiger's territory up to Gola, Dolphin Place.
      • Come back to Lodge
      • Dinner
      • Over night at lodge.

      4th day
      • Wake up call followed by tea or coffee.
      • Breakfast
      • Departure From lodge.
      4 Night 5 Days
      • Same Itinerary for 1st, 2nd 3rd day.
      4th day
      • Wake up call followed by tea or coffee
      • Breakfast
      • Visit to black sanctuary with packed lunch and drive to Babai Bridge, Walk upstream along the gorge of Babai river
      • Return to lodge in the evening.
      • Dinner
      • Over night at lodge.
      5th day
        Famous One horn Rhino
      • Wake up call followed by tea or coffee.
      • Breakfast
      • Departure From lodge.

      Other Special Package for Fervent Trekkers.

        Birdlife in Bardia
      • 1 night 2 days trekking in and around great churiya hills (Tented camps) : A trekkers paradise hardly missed by anyone who really enjoy stepping on the unbeaten tracks of Churiya hills ranging from east to west of  Terai Resigon.
      • Camping on the bank of the Karnali river.
      • Rafting on the Karnali River.
      • Climate: October-March (warm days and cool nights); April-June (hot, up to 45 degrees Celsius), July-September (rainy)

      Rhino bath.

      A deer in the den.

      Elephant Back Safari
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