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Canoeing in Nepal: with Featured Documentary Video

Wonderfully draped along the spine of the Himalaya, the country of Nepal includes venerated scenery, time-worn temples, and some of the best hiking trails on earth. Canoeing in Nepal is another thrilling and exciting sport to be enjoyed on Adventure Tours in Nepal. The country not only possesses rich scenic splendor and cultural treasures but also offers wonderful place for enjoying several adventurous sports. Canoeing in Nepal will heighten your spirit of holidaying in the country of Nepal. 

Canoeing in Nepal

The country of Nepal has earned a world wide reputation for offering best options for white water rafting, kayaking and canoeing. Canoeing in Nepal is simply an amazing sport to enjoy and there are plenty of options available in the country. The country is blessed with 16 rivers and you can choose any one of them for the Activity of Canoeing in Nepal. The Trishuli River is considered the best option for enjoying the Sport of Canoeing in Nepal. The other popular rivers that are considered equally interesting for practicing the activity of Canoeing are Kali Gandaki, Karnali, Bhote Koshi, Sun Koshi and Marshyangdi. 

The Sun Koshi River offers the longest canoeing opportunity of almost 270 kilometers and it takes 8 to10 days to complete the most biggest and longest of all. The spectacular scenery, gorgeous warm sunshine and magnificent tributaries make this country a fantastic adventure. There are several schools in the country that offer lessons on canoeing. The climate of Nepal is ruled by monsoon, which arrives generally in the month of June and gets over by the month of September. The peak and safe season for the tourists to enjoy Adventure Tours in Nepal is from October through November, when the monsoon is over. 

Canoeing in Nepal will lead you in exploring the magnificent beauty of the regions lying beside the rivers. In the country the rivers are considered as very religious and they are used for the purpose of performing several rituals. You can also witness several types of rituals being performed by the side of the river. Once in this incredible land of diverse topography, awesome landscape and awesome wilderness of the Himalayas, never miss the opportunity  to experience some of the thrilling sports and activities. 

Canoes with canoeing Guides in Nepal

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